Unique Custom Photos

Our process is creative and industrial.

We have the highest quality professional photo products available.  Your image is infused into the metal. No glass to break, no image distress.

Durable and easy to clean stunning prints on aluminum in standard and custom sizes. Waterproof & scratch-resistantThe results are amazing! Permanently bonding your favorite image INTO metal!


– Metal art prints
– Coasters
– Magnets
– Ornaments
– Sample pack: 4 4×6 of the same image

This is a great option if you are considering printing a large print, so you can see how each metal option affects your specific image.


Flat Back Option – Without Hanger

Standard Hanger For Smaller Prints

Frame Hanger For Larger Prints

Print With Gator Board

Print With Taper Pin(s)

Print With Wooden Stands

Metal Options:

1. White Gloss: Our most popular metal option. The safest bet for gorgeous results that stay true to the colors of the original image. Preserves incredible detail, brightens color and brings out best in all kinds of photos.
2. White Matte: One of our favorites, but an underutilized metal option. Same color value as the white gloss, with a soft matte finish. Great for portraits and black and white photos giving it an artistic feel. This metal finish has no glare, allowing for photographs to be displayed in direct sunlight.
3. Silver Gloss: almost holographic. Great for black and whites. Great for photos with silver value in photo. Silver shows through image, so can change the color value. Great for industrial prints, cars, motorcycles.
4. Silver Matte: same as silver high gloss with matte finish.


2/3 Ratio

Size Without Hanger With Hanger
4×6 $15 X
4×6 Magnet $20 X
4×6 With Hole for Ribbon $18 X
4×6 With Taper Pin $20 X
4×6 With Wooden Stand $20 X
5×7 Magnet $28 X
5×7 With Hole for Ribbon $28 X
5×7 With Taper Pin $30 X
5×7 With Wooden Stand $30 X
8×12 $42 $50
12×18 $72 $84
16×24 $115 $132
20×30 $170 $200
24×36 $260 $307
30×45 $370 $455


Size Without Hanger With Hanger
12×12 $53 $61
18×18 $95 $120
24×24 $163 $195
30×30 $260 $306
40×40 $465 $533

• We do NOT limit you to standard sizing. Any custom size is available (including panoramics) from an 4×6 to 43×45.

**Disclaimer: The metal substrate used in production could have minor surface imperfections or irregularities.

• Sample packs = $35/$50

Please call (951) 378-9138 for additional information on custom size pricing.