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Metal Printing


Steel Magnolia is a metal printing local business located in Tomball, TX. We are family owned and operated. Established November 2016.

We infuse your favorite photographs or artwork into metal, creating a one-of-a-kind, beautiful piece of art for your home or business.

Metal art pieces are superior to traditional printing in so many ways:

  • Durability: Prints are scratch and humidity resistant.
  • Lightweight: Prints hang with a single nail. (Even our 30×45 images)
  • Easy to Clean: Rubbing alcohol or Windex are perfect for cleaning prints.
  • Hypoallergenic and Sanitary: The metal is non porous and cleaned with simple rubbing alcohol keeping it germ free and safe for all.
  • Long Lasting: Images stand the test of time and colors never fade.
  • Multiple Locations: The durability of the metal lets you hang images in all areas of your home or business, including humid areas like bathrooms or covered outdoor spaces.
  • Gift Giving: Share memories with friends and family! Metal makes great birthday, Christmas and anniversary gifts.

The end product is infused with deep luminous colors, clarity and a “High Definition” look creating a “WOW!” factor that you won’t find in any other style of printing.

Train Track Living Room
Modern Living Room
Children's Bedroom
Modern Bedroom
Modern Kitchen
Nature Living Room
Cow Living Room
Modern 'Gray With A Burst' Living Room
Train Track Living Room
Western Bathroom
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